9/11 Anniversary

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According to the mayor of New York there isn’t enough room at the 9/11 ¬†10th anniversary for the first responders, like the police officers and fire department. He said this ceremony is only for the victims family’s. This is just not right. These police and firefighters were saving peoples lives and risking their own lives 10 years ago from that day, they should be honored, but instead they weren’t even invited to the ceremony.. Michael Bloomsberg says there will be another celebration honoring the first responders at different places and times, but why cant they be honored on the anniversary, at ground zero? They were the real heroes and deserve great recognition. Don’t get me wrong the family members of victims should be there, but so should the first responders, and not a lot of politicians who have nothing to do with it. The family members and the first responders are the only peoples who should be honored and recognized, or just plane out be there in the first place! Although, people do need to be ready just incase another incident happens, but they should atleast be invited! uhh sometimes the stupidity of people amazes me! haha

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lovin it<3

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soo welfare.

its true

Sooo to start this off. How did anyone get the idea that if someone works hard for their money we should take it away and give it to someone who doesn’t work at all, or works but doesn’t apply as much skill. I mean people do get paid more money because they work harder. But it seems to be that nowadays ¬†someone will go to work all day 5-6 days a week and when they get their paycheck a LARGE amount is taken because of taxes, and that money is given to someone who doesn’t work, and is getting paid welfare. HEY its true! I mean why would they even have the motivation to work if they are getting paid to do nothing! haha its such a stupid concept.! Now, don’t get me wrong some people on welfare are actually trying to find a job! And i know its hard to get a job, and i am sympathetic to those who are really trying hard to find a job, but then there are some people who aren’t trying and have no intentions of trying to get a job.

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ahh hey!

This is all new to me. pretty confusing(: haha

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